Beautiful Edison worked with Four (4) donors who contributed in aggregate $37,500 to help pay for new playground at Thomas Swales Park off Woodbridge Avenue.  Beautiful Edison then partnered with the Township as part of its Multi-Park Site Improvement plan to facilitate the upgrades.

Park Improvements include new playground equipment, new surface and border and ADA accessibility.  Replaces old and damages equipment. Improves safety and appearance.

Before & After of Existing Playground

Before & After of New Swing Area


Beautiful Edison is promoting small/quick cleanups throughout the Township, believing that these efforts when compounded over time will have a huge impact to the cleanliness and beautification of Edison Township.

#PowerOfAHalfHour Cleanup 08/31/2019

#PowerOfAHalfHour Cleanup 08/24/2019

#PowerOfAHalfHour Cleanup 08/17/2019