Student Beautification
Grant Application


Beautiful Edison is looking to partner with the youth of Edison Township to financially assist a beautification effort within the Township.  We are proud to announce our "Student Beautification Grant".  This grant aims to become a bi-annual micro-grant opportunity for the children of Edison Township to help enhance a specific area within the township, where funding may be required to facilitate.

The mission of Beautiful Edison is to improve the general landscape of the Township of Edison.  We look forward to hearing your visions on beautifying the Township.

Guidelines / Rules

  1. Must be an Edison resident.
  2. Ages 5-18.
    Note:  Anyone under the age of 16 will require parental consent.
  3. Project must improve the general conditions of an area through beautification methods.
  4. Project must be completed by end of August 2021
  5. Awarded Amounts:  Either (1) $250 or (2) $125 applicants will be awarded, depending on total applications received.
    Note:  Beautiful Edison will have discretion to modify these amounts depending  on applications.  Total amount for project do not have to be exactly for the above, but $250 is the cap.
  6. Registration period will end on April 16th.  Winners will be announced on April 22nd (Earth Day).
  7. Applications can either be emailed to Info@BeautifulEdison,com or sent through the below form.

If you'd prefer to submit via PDF or Word Document to our email (Info@BeautifulEdison.com) please download the application form here.

If you have any questions or concerns please message Info@BeautifulEdison.com and we'll respond to you as soon as possible.