Interested in participating in a Beautiful Edison organized cleanup?  Please fill out the waiver form and bring it with you to the cleanup.  Forms will also be available at the site.


The following are general cleanup guidelines as recommended by Clean Communities.

General Safety

  • Recommended Clothing: Long sleeves/pants, closed toe shoes, gloves and hats.
    Injury:  Bring a first aid kit.
  • Weather:  Perform activities when weather is appropriate (avoid extremes/inclement weather)
  • Hydration:  Drink plenty of water throughout the event.
  • Timing:  Perform during daylight hours.  Avoid peak traffic hours for roadways.
  • Hazardous Material:  Avoid any hazardous items, unidentifiable items and animal carcasses.
  • Direction:  When all possible walk/pickup litter facing on-coming traffic.
  • Ticks:  Be sure to check when you return home.
  • Insects/Plants:  Be careful of contact with poison plants, bees, oher insects or wildlife.
  • General:  Do not stand or jump on guardrails, drainage pipes or concrete walls.