Our Approach


Beautiful Edison is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Mission Statement

To support existing and new projects, programs and initiatives that aim to improve the general landscape of the Township of Edison.

Vision Statement

To be a resource to the Residents, Businesses and Municipality of the Township of Edison in the improvement of the local landscape to promote for a better quality of life.

Our Story

Our Story

Founders are involved in the local community and noticed desire of residents to improve several areas in Town.  Examples include:

Edison Boat Basin – Piscatawaytown Burial Ground
Amboy Avenue – Lake Papaianni – Swales Park

Many great ideas have been presented for improvement and restoration with the same roadblocks coming up: funding and labor.

Beautiful Edison believes there’s enough interest in the Township to facilitate certain projects from outside sources that prior were not accessible to or approached.

Meet the Directors

The Organization operates via a Board of Directors, currently acting as the Executive Board.  By New Jersey State statute non-profits must maintain a minimum of three (3) Board of Directors.  The current directors are:

John Poyner

Director, President

John graduated from Montclair State University and has been active in the Clara Barton community for the past 4 years, having helped with numerous items such as developing a communication network, organize and run community events and spoken at public meetings to address concerns within the neighborhood. Through this activism John realized that there were areas where local government cannot easily navigate, hence the idea for Beautiful Edison was born.

Christopher Troiano

Director, Vice-President

Christopher has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University and is a Cyber Security Engineer with over 10 years of experience within various industry verticals. He is a proud resident of Edison serving as the Voting District 47 Committeeman for the Edison Democratic Organization and actively volunteers with the Edison Township Environmental Commission and e-Governance Committee.

Charles Backmann

Director, Treasurer

Owner of Cypress Brewing Company, who created and continues to grow the company from the ground up with a passion for the food and beverage industry. Strategic manager with leading restaurant industry experience delivering high yields and financial gains. Envisions creative offerings both through design, style and understanding the customer base and market demand. Hands-on leader with an established ability to lead projects and initiatives that build lasting customer relationships and drive sales. As an active board member of the Edison Chamber Of Commerce works to establish business connections between other business owners and leaders within Edison.  As a commissioner on the Edison Township Environmental Commission provides leadership involving the protection, use and restoration of natural resources and open space within the Township of Edison.  As a founding member of Beautiful Edison helps to assist in projects that improve the general landscape of the Township of Edison. 

Next Steps...

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